Lyn Patrick ND produced the EMF Conference 2019, held in Scotts Valley, California. That conference was dedicated to Dr. William Rea, a leading pioneer in the field of environmental medicine. This 2019 conference was the first EMF conference of its kind in the U.S and the EMF Medical Conference 2021 continues this legacy — to educate and train health practitioners on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of EMF associated illness.

Childhood Toxic Exposures: Wireless Radiation Now Added to the List

Parents and pediatricians are heavily invested in protecting children from harm. The health and wellbeing of our children is not only important to sustain loving healthy families, but it also determines the health of our nation and our future. Current studies indicate that 54% of children have at least one chronic health condition if you include obesity and developmental delays. Scientific studies show the trend is worsening.

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Wireless Microwave Radiation is Neurotoxic: Case Study

A 55 year old male (WM) complains of increasing anxiety, poor memory, difficulty concentrating, chest pains, tinnitus, profound fatigue, nausea with dry heaves and vomiting, skin burns of redness and irritation like sunburn on his ears, neck and back, along with visual acuity loss that all become worse during the work week and abate over the weekend. His home has been protected by removing an electrical smart meter and WiFi.

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Five reasons to attend EMF Medical Conference 2021

Practicing medicine in an era of widespread chronic illness is challenging. “Mystery Illness” patients with multiple symptoms whose etiology eludes even the most exhaustive workups are increasingly common. The lack of diagnosis and treatment options is frustrating for both patient and practitioner.

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