The Yin Yang of ElectroMagnetic Frequencies

Never in the history of this planet have levels of anthropogenic electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation been as high as they are today. And … this is just the beginning! 5G, or 5th generation technology, is being rolled out to encompass the globe with mmWaves and lower frequencies generated by satellites, macro antenna sites and small cell antennas. We are told that all of this is to increase our download speeds for videos and other forms of wireless technology.

Harmful Effects … Ouch

Our love affair with wireless technology is likely to end in heart break as a growing population is developing an intolerance to this radiation. Chronic illnesses are increasing and this includes neurodegenerative disorders, cardiovascular disorders, cancers as well as reproductive problems since sperm are particularly sensitive to this radiation.

A good nights’ sleep is a luxury that few of us experience on a regular basis. Chronic fatigue and chronic pain are increasingly common among younger age groups as are anxiety and depression, attention deficit disorder, autism and Alzheimer’s disease. We seem to be aging more rapidly or rather experiencing the symptoms of aging even before middle age sets in.

Doctors are having difficulty helping their patients heal since at least one of the causes of this rapid aging and its accompanying symptoms–electromagnetic pollution–is now ubiquitous and difficult to avoid.

Beneficial Effects … Ahhh

And while a growing number of scientists are documenting the adverse health effects of this radiation to humans and other life forms, a different group of scientists are studying the beneficial effects of frequency therapy ranging from sound to pulsed electromagnetic fields and modulated light therapy. These therapies have the potential to revolutionize our health care system as many of them can be applied at home to keep people healthy and not just to help relieve pain or reduce congestion or promote circulation. They can be used in conjunction with allopathic medicine and are likely to reduce the cost of health care with faster recoveries and shorter stays in hospitals.

Beings of Light

Living organisms are electromagnetic beings and it is at the moment of death that all electromagnetic activity within the body is stopped: no heartbeat, no brain wave activity, no neural conduction causing muscles to contract or relax and no electrical potential to keep cell membranes intact.

In order to better understand how the body reacts to electromagnetic (EM) radiation it is important to study the characteristics of extrinsic EM frequencies both natural and anthropogenic and their effects on living organisms.

Electrosmog & Electrotherapeutics 101

Pre-Conference Prep Course

To help those new to this field or those who want a refresher course on the electromagnetic spectrum and the various types of electromagnetic pollutants, the EMF Medical Conference 2021 is offering a 6-hour webinar (4 hours of lectures and 2 hours of Q&A) for CME accreditation to take place October 23 and 24, 2020. The lectures are on both days from 8:00 am to 11:00 am Pacific. Participants will receive handouts of slides; links to references, educational YouTube videos and websites; and a quiz to test their knowledge of the material presented. The course is open to non-medical participants as well who are not seeking CME accreditation. Learn more about the course here.

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