The EMF Medical Conference 2021

Join with the leaders in EMF science, medicine and protection!


Two courses that offer up to 24.5 Continuing Medical Education credits (CMEs)

One person who took the courses said he was impressed by “How many doctors and scientists care and have integrity and are working hard to help address this huge concern.”  Anon.

June 15, 2023 is the last day to enroll in the two online CME accredited courses designed for health practitioners based on the EMF Medical Conference 2021. You must complete the course by July 1, 2023 in order to receive a certificate of completion and, for those who qualify, to earn CME/CEs.
These Courses may be taken by anyone and those who successfully pass the quizzes will be issued a Certificate of Completion. Qualified health practitioners are eligible to earn Contining Medical Education Credits (CMEs).
Here are the direct links that you an use to enroll in one or both of the courses:
Course 1: Pre-Course lectures given by Magda Havas, PhD (4.0 CMEs)
Course 2: EMF Medical Conference lectures (20.5 CMEs)
The prices for these courses have been reduced:
$11 for the pre-conference lectures – 4.00 CMEs
$34 for the full conference courses – 20.4 CME’s
This conference was convened online in January 2021 and was attended by over 800 people from 30+ nations. The information and resources provided at this conference is still very relevant today. Presentations made by internationally recognized scientists who have published in the field of bioelectromagnetics; by knowledgeable health practitioners who treat people for EMF associated illness and injuries; and, by healthy building engineers who test EMF exposures and mitigate hazards provide a high quality education and training experience.
We recommend you review the program schedule and the list of faculty members.


Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of EMF Associated Illness and
Pre-Conference course: Electrosmog and Electrotherapeutics 101
Held virtually October 23 & 24, 2020 and January 28 to 31 2021

Approved for 24.5 Continuing Medical Education/CE credits for licensed health practitioners
(MDs, NDs, DOs, PAs, NPs and nurses)

We encourage you to enroll in the online CME/CE courses designed for health practitioners and earn a Certificate of Completion. Or you can subscribe to time-limited online access to stream/view the videos of the entire conference. Subscribers can share the conference videos with others on online meeting platforms.

The EMF Medical Conference 2021Conference was evidence-based and featured prominent experts – doctors who treat patients with an electromagnetic field (EMF) associated illness; scientists who publish papers reporting that EMF causes biological and health effects, EMF assessment specialists, and public policy advocates.  By enrolling in these courses or subscribing to the Videos on Demand, you will be receiving a high quality educational and training experience on how to  prevent, recognize, diagnose and treat EMF associated illness.  Qualified health practitioners who enroll in the online courses can earn up to 24.5 CME/CEs and study at their own pace. 

The presenters speak on patient care protocols, report EMF research findings, offer harm reduction advice and call for public policy advocacy to provide greater health protection.  Following each session,  you  will benefit from seeing multi- disciplinary dialogues among the presenters. The  conference proceedings will give you a comprehensive view of what is now acknowledged as a major societal health crisis and offers strategies and tools to guide you so you can help your patients to achieve greater health protection.

Continuing Medical Education – CME/CE

CME/CE Credit Provided by AKH Inc., Advancing Knowledge in Healthcare. This activity is jointly-provided by AKH Inc., Advancing Knowledge in Healthcare and The Electromagnetic Safety Alliance, Inc.

Here’s the official EMF Medical Conference 2021 video trailer.
Watch our short story, told through the voices of our speakers!

“I believe the conference was well-planned and was an excellent learning experience, on a subject that needs to be brought to the attention of regulatory authorities and the public. I would give it five stars!!”

Gary Widman, Esq.
Former General Counsel, Council on Environmental Quality,
Executive Office of the U.S. President

Martin Blank. PhD

This conference is being held in honor of the late Martin Blank, PhD. (1933-2018), who is “admired in academia, government, industry and activist circles for fearless honesty and ability to explain complex cellular bioelectromagnetics with accompanying environmental effects on tech-loving societies“*.

*by B. Blake Levitt, Published in New York Times on Jun. 24, 2018.

Robert Luby MD
Director of Medical Education Institute of Functional Medicine

Robert Luby, MD
Director of Medical Education
Institute of Functional Medicine

Hsieh 1 copy

T. Mike Hsieh, MD
Professor of Urology
University of California San Diego
Director, Men’s Health Clinic, UCSD Health System

stefanovic copy

Alexandra Stefanovic, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Duke University/Duke Cancer Institute


Laura T. Medina, MD
Director, Center for Life
University of New Mexico Medical

36 Lectures and 6 panels

EMF Meter Workshop

Four days of learning

Pre-Conference Prep Course 4 CMEs

Conference Highlights

4 Days of Learning
6 Panels
Interactive Format to meet fellow attendees
Pre-Conference Prep Course 4 CMEs
36 Lectures
EMF Meter Workshop
19.5 hours of CME

“EMF exposure is growing at a rapid pace and the list of symptoms are vast. Physicians must have a general understanding of how to evaluate and manage an EMF patient’s case.

It is paramount that physicians receive the education and recommended treatment guidelines on how to best care for these complex patients.”

Elizabeth Seymour, MD, Environmental Health Center – Dallas, Texas

“In everyday medical practice, we are increasingly confronted by patients who suffer adverse health effects directly or indirectly as a consequence of their mobile phone use. There are many potential health risks caused by cell phone use and exposure to antennas.
Our challenge is to help our patients by advising them on how to minimize or prevent addictive behavior; how to avoid injuries caused by distraction, i.e. broken bones, and how to prevent eye diseases, and other health problems, that are known to be associated with exposure to radiofrequency radiation.“

Piero Lercher, MD, Lecturer and Dean of the Post Graduate Public Health Program, Medical University, Vienna, Austria; Co-author of “The EUROPAEM Guidelines for the Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of EMF-Related Health Problems and Illness”

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