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    Here is a recent interview with Elizabeth Kelley MHA, Executive Producer of the EMF Medical Conference 2021 and Elizabeth Seymour, MD, Medical Director of the Environmental Health Center in Dallas, Texas, talking about plans for the conference and the focus on medical education about patient care and preventing biological harm from EMF and other environmental toxins. This interview was conducted by Theodora Scarato, MSW, Executive Director of the Environmental Health Trust.

    EMFMC Webinar #1

    Electromagnetic Sensitivity Symptoms, the Scientific Evidence,
    and Patient Cases with LIVE Q&A
    Virtual Grand Rounds: Electromagnetic Fields Exposure & Associated Illness

    Recorded December 3, 2020

    Featured two experts in medicine and bioelectromagnetics, both of whom are well-known in the international EMF community, their online dialogue shared:

    • best practices
    • patient case applications in the exam room
    • supported by the latest in scientific evidence and patient management practices
    • with practical advice on how to be safely connected in the wireless digital age and maintain a healthy lifestyle.



    Stephanie McCarter, MD

    Internal Medicine/Environmental Medicine
    Environmental Health Center-Dallas (USA)
    Her presentation will be on “EMF Sensitivity Treatment Modalities” at EMFMC 2021 on Friday, January 29, 2021 at 9:30 AM PST.

    Magda Havas, PhD

    Environmental Toxicologist
    and Professor Emerita Trent University (Canada)
    She is also Co-Chair of the EMFMC2021. During October 2020, Magda taught a two-day pre-conference course called “Electrosmog and Electrotherapeutics 101.” This course will be available for sale, along with the conference videos at a discounted price to those who register for the conference.

    Elizabeth Kelley, MHA

    EMFMC2021 Executive Producer, Webinar Moderator

    EMFMC Webinar #2

    Learn the Basics of Radio Frequency Measurement and Mitigation in Your Home with Rob Metzinger

    Free EMFMC Webinar with Safe Living Technologies, Conference Gold Sponsor

    Recorded December 9, 2020

    Rob Metzinger of Safe Living Technologies gave an informative webinar on what SLT does and the basics of radio frequency measurement and mitigation. SLT will showed how to use the Safe and Sound Pro II RF Meter to measure common sources of RF and identify ways to reduce your exposure over time. Learn more at Sponsored by Safe Living Technologies, GOLD Sponsor, EMF Medical Conference 2021



    Rob Metzinger, EET, BBEC, EMRS

    President, Safe Living Technologies, Inc , Safe Living Technologies

    Rob Metzinger is by trade, an Electronics Engineering Technologist. He is also a BBI, certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant and a certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist. Rob has applied his 18 years of experience in the field of Electromagnetic Radiation and is passing on his knowledge as an instructor at the Building Biology Institute USA since 2008. Rob is currently the President of Safe Living Technologies and is a factory certified Gigahertz Solutions Test Equipment Technician and Instructor. Safe Living Technologies is now designing and manufacturing their own brand of RF meters called the Safe and Sound RF Meter line. Rob will be speaking at the EMF Medical Conference on EMF products and services that will best serve your patients. To contact Rob, visit his website at

    Elizabeth Kelley, MHA

    EMFMC2021 Executive Producer, Webinar Moderator

    EMFMC Webinar #3

    Genetic Predispositions to EMF Sensitivity
    and Personalized Interventions with Bob Miller, CTN

    Free Webinar recorded January 7, 2021

    Sponsored by Functional Genomic Analysis, Conference GOLD Sponsor
    Non-CME Sponsored Talk

    In this webinar, Bob Miller shows how genetic mutations in Calcium Voltage Channels, Glutathione, Catalase, SOD, IL-6 and others can lead to increased sensitivity to EMF, and how to create a custom compounded formula to compensate.



    Bob Miller

    Bob Miller is the founder and president of Functional Genomic Analysis, an online software program that organizes and analyzes genetic SNPs for functional health professionals. Bob is a Traditional Naturopath specializing in the field of genetic-specific nutrition. For the past several years, he has been engaged exclusively with functional nutritional genetic variants and related research, specializing in nutritional support for those with chronic Lyme disease. Bob lectures nationally and internationally about genetic variants and nutritional supplementation for achieving optimal health. To support his genetic research, in 2015, Bob founded the NutriGenetic Research Institute to research the relationship between genetic variants and presenting symptoms. Bob has created 72 nutritional supplement products exclusively for health professionals. The products he formulated are based upon his genetic research and are designed to support function that may be impaired by genetic weakness.