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Are There 5G Celltowers Near Me?

5G – 5th Generation Wireless – is a game changer – more antennas are coming to your neighorhood, causing “antenna densification”. 4G and 5G wireless transmits multiple frequencies at higher power levels. These signals and the exposure conditions they create were not safety tested before deployment.

In this tutorial, Chris Young, a Professional Electrical Engineer and Founder of EMF Experts, who offers training and certification on EMF Experts Detection and Protection and EMF Consultant, will outline the basic knowledge and skills to get you started. Chris will explain what you need to know to protect yourself and your loved ones from the unsafe exposures these towers are creating.

Chris Young, PE, Professional Electrical Engineer

Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Founder of and EMF-Experts.News dedicated to EMF Detection and Protection Training and Consultant Certification

Chris is a highly experienced EMF (electromagnetic field) professional, who, at various times in his career, has held professional electrical engineering licenses in nearly every state in the United States and headed up organizations serving the utilities, energy and power sectors, both at home and abroad. Before retiring from corporate America, Chris headed up 30 offices worldwide for an organization whose motto was “making electricity safer for people”, where he was credited with elevating the company status to one of “America’s Top 10 Places to Work.” Chris is dedicated to graduating Certified EMF Expert Consultants and service providers with the highest professional standards.