Five reasons to attend EMF Medical Conference 2021

Sharon Goldberg, MD
Integrative Internal Medical Physician
Associate Professor of Medicine, Community Faculty
University of New Mexico School of Medicine

Faculty Member for the EMF Medical Conference 2021

Practicing medicine in an era of widespread chronic illness is challenging. “Mystery Illness” patients with multiple symptoms whose etiology eludes even the most exhaustive workups are increasingly common. The lack of diagnosis and treatment options is frustrating for both patient and practitioner.

Growing numbers of such patients connect their symptoms with various electromagnetic field (EMF) exposures. They note that turning off wireless devices such as Wi-Fi, cordless phones, or other means of lowering manmade EMF exposure, decreases or eliminates their symptoms. Ironically, when they share this information with their physician, they are often met with skepticism or disbelief.

EMF Associated Illness is treatable, but often missed

Contrary to popular belief, manmade EMFs are biologically active. Decades of research demonstrates a wide variety of ill effects from manmade EMF exposure. While short term exposures can have beneficial effects, long term EMF exposures to various frequencies such as radiofrequency/microwave (3kHz-300 GHz) and power line frequencies (60 Hz) is physiologically disruptive and promotes dysfunction at the cellular, tissue, and organ system level. Well established examples of such dysfunction include oxidative stress, immune dysfunction, and DNA damage (1).

EMFMC2021 covers essential EMF science that is not covered in medical school. Why attend? These are my top 5 reasons:

1) Learn the evidence
Patients want answers to EMF related health and safety questions. Concerns about the health effects of cell phones, Wi-Fi and power lines are increasingly common. Most health practitioners are misinformed on EMFs, and thus unable to provide correct answers. EMFMC2021 will provide you with solid, evidence-based answers to these questions, and an extensive bibliography to support your conclusions.

2) Grow your practice – Become the local expert
EMF Associated Illness, including electrosensitivity, is a medically underserved condition. Affected patients are often unable to find a local practitioner familiar with the diagnosis and treatment of their condition. EMFMC2021 provides the training needed to become the local medical expert and grow your practice by attracting a new subset of patients.

3) Learn when to suspect and how to diagnose EMF Associated Illness
EMF Associated Illness is common, often going undiagnosed because of the lack of practitioner education and awareness. Attendees will learn the nuances of diagnosis from internationally recognized experts.

4) Learn to treat EMF Associated Illness
This is a conference that will change the way you practice overnight.
Because EMF Associated Illness is a treatable, reversible condition when patients can make necessary lifestyle and environmental changes, working with these patients is highly rewarding. EMFMC2021 teaches skills that can be immediately applied in your practice as lifestyle interventions.

5) Recognize and avoid the clinical pitfalls
Optimal management of electrosensitive patients requires that the practitioner have a full scope of clinical EMF knowledge. This conference provides this full scope of knowledge and equips attendees with the answers to complex management issues such as: proper usage of EMF shielding, grounding sheets, bed canopies and other devices. These and other devices, can inadvertently lead to increased EMF exposure if used incorrectly and lead to symptom exacerbation.

  1. Yakymenko, I., Tsybulin, O., Sidorik, E., Henshel, D., Kyrylenko, O., & Kyrylenko, S. (2016). Oxidative mechanisms of biological activity of low-intensity radiofrequency radiation. Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, 35(2), 186-202.

Learn to implement lifestyle medicine for the digital age

EMFMC2021 equips health professionals with the tools to immediately begin evaluating and treating patients with EMF Associated Illness. This medical conference offers continuing medical education credits to qualified U.S. practitioners. . For more information on the Program and Continuing Medical Education Credits (CMEs), click here.
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Note: Dr. Goldberg’s clinical interests include dietary, lifestyle and environmental modification to treat complex chronic disease. She has co-authored publications in the fields of dietary supplementation, autonomic nervous system assessment, and nutritional epidemiology.