Gunnar Heuser, MD, PhD

Internal Medicine, El Dorado Hills, CA (USA)

Dr. Heuser is an “in the trenches” doctor who has used his experience as much as possible to inform the public and his colleagues of the potentially devastating effects of environmental and electromagnetic exposure. He was born in Germany and studied medicine in Cologne. He was a PhD student at the University of Montreal in Canada and had the privilege to study under the world-famous Hans Selye.

He obtained his Ph.D. in experimental medicine at the University of Montreal and McGill University in Montreal, then he worked at the UCLA Brain Research Institute (BRI), doing research that led to a number of publications. He left UCLA and started a private practice of medicine with special interest in the brain where he has published a number of peer reviewed papers. He uses functional brain scans (SPECT, PET, and fMRI) as these scans go beyond the anatomy of the brain and display with color the severity of the abnormalities in the functioning of the brain.

In recent years he has studied patients who have been exposed to electromagnetic fields (cell phone towers, smart meters, Wi-Fi, and cell phones). Studies on these patients were abnormal. Many of his patients who had developed chemical sensitivity eventually developed sensitivity to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). This led to the conclusion that the mechanisms involved in the sensitivity are similar if not identical and deserve further research.


Functional Brain Scans in Patients Exposed to Neurotoxic Chemicals and/or Electromagnetic Fields

More than ten years ago we became interested in documenting abnormalities of brain function by obtaining functional brain scans (SPECT, PET, and functional MRI).

We published the results on patients who had been exposed to neurotoxic chemicals and had developed symptoms (headaches, impairment of cognitive and memory function, balance problems, tremor, and intermittent confusion) as a result. We published abnormal SPECT scans of more than 60 patients. This publication was peer reviewed.

We studied PET brain scans in flight attendants who had become affected while flying in toxic airplanes. These PET scans were also abnormal.

More recently, we studied and published the results on patients, all of whom had developed impairment of cognitive and memory function and other problems including exquisite sensitivity to electromagnetic fields. Functional brain scans in these patients
were all abnormal. The results were published in a peer reviewed medical journal.

It is our conclusion that small amounts of neurotoxic chemicals result in abnormal functional brain scans in patients who have become symptomatic after neurotoxic chemical exposure.

Functional brain scans were also abnormal in patients exposed to electromagnetic fields (cell phone towers, Wi-Fi, smart meters, and other electromagnetic field sources).

In our experience exposure to neurotoxic chemicals can eventually result in sensitivity to not only neurotoxic chemicals but eventually sensitivity to electromagnetic fields.

Abnormal functional brain scans will be shown and discussed in my presentation.

3:30 - 4:00 PM

Thursday 28 January 2021

Functional Brain Scans of Patients Exposed to Neurotoxic Chemicals and/or EMF