Jeromy Johnson MSCE

Safe Tech Advocate; Director, EMF Analysis

Jeromy Johnson is an engineer and safe technology consultant. He holds an advanced degree in Civil Engineering and worked in Silicon Valley’s financial industry for over 15 years. In 2011, he became electrically sensitive after extensive EMF exposure. Jeromy now helps individuals and families reduce and mitigate EMF pollution through one-on-one consultations, his solutions-focused website, his educational book How to find a Healthy Home, and his widely shared TEDx Talk “Wireless Wake-up Call.”


Jeromy Johnson and Rob Metzinger are two of the most trusted and longest serving EMF Consultants in North America. They have helped thousands of electrically sensitive clients regain their health and navigate this complex subject.

Jeromy’s presentation is a concise yet thorough overview of what it takes to prevent and heal electrical sensitivity.  The talk includes specific technical solutions for creating a low-EMF home and workplace, along with the lifestyle changes that have been an integral part of Jeromy’s healing journey and that of his clients around the world. This presentation is filled with knowledge that can only come through firsthand experience and will help you to serve your patients. As a participant of the 2021 EMF Medical Conference, Jeromy would like to offer you a gift copy of his book “How to Find a Healthy Home.” This guide has become a trusted EMF resource to thousands of families. To receive your free copy, send a message through his website:

Rob Metzinger’s presentation details the specific EMF products and services that will best serve your patients. His company, Safe Living Technologies near Toronto, Canada, is highly regarded for having the highest quality products and best customer service in the field. In his talk, Rob outlines the EMF meters and measurement levels that he recommends to electrically sensitive clients. This includes the Safe and Sound series of RF meters that Safe Living Technologies has designed and manufactured. The new Safe and Sound Pro II is the most accurate consumer-level RF meter on the market. Rob then describes the specific EMF shielding products that his company provides. These include bed canopies, fabrics, paint, window film and electricity cut-off switches. There is also a section on 5G in which Rob simplifies and summarizes the complexities of this new generation of cellular communications. Rob’s company current website is ( and new website will be It is a resource that you can feel confident sharing with your patients.

11:00 - 11:30 AM

Friday 29 January 2021

Engineering Approach to Healing and Preventing Electrical Sensitivity 1