Doug Wood

Founder & Director - Americans for Responsible Technology (USA)

Doug Wood is the founder and Director of Americans for Responsible Technology, a national coalition of organizations working to push back against the unfettered deployment of 5G infrastructure. As a copy writer and producer, Mr. Wood had been involved in the planning, production and execution of hundreds of public relations and advertising campaigns for business and the non-profit sector. An accomplished filmmaker, Mr. Wood's documentary films on environmental issues and children's health have been widely acclaimed and used by organizations around the world to promote protective public health policies. Mr. Wood is Associate Director and Chief Strategy Officer of Grassroots Environmental Education, Inc.


Building a National Movement to Push Back Against 5G

Doug Wood will discuss the issues confronting communities across the nation as they grapple with the deployment of new wireless technologies while trying to uphold their responsibility to protect public health. He will discuss strategies communities can use to push back legally against wireless companies and remain within the increasingly restrictive guidelines promulgated by the FCC.

10:30 - 11:00 AM

Sunday 31 January 2021

Building a National Movement to Push Back Against 5G